KIP-6: Kapital Governance Council Elections 3Q23

As the Kapital DAO (the “DAO”) continues on its path towards decentralization, the election of democratically nominated members to the Kapital Governance Council (the “Kapital Council”) is paramount to distributing control of the DAO.

The Kapital Council is broadly responsible for interpreting the public will of the DAO and executing certain transactions related to the operations of the DAO. Kapital Council members are held to a high standard of compliance and are obligated to act as the voice of the people they represent, while still evaluating opportunities through their own personal lens of experience. You can learn more about the Kapital Council in our associated blog post here.

The top three nominees in rank of votes received on this proposal will be elected to the Kapital Council and take on the duties described above, with each bearing a multi-sig key. Your vote here is critical to ensuring the continued development and security of the DAO.

Following the election, these council members will serve until the end of this quarter’s epoch, on September 30, 2023.

This proposal entails the nomination of three Kapital Council members for the 3Q23 epoch.

The nomination of these three council members will ensure distributed control of the DAO remains a primary focus of governance operations, and will further align the Kapital DAO’s product development direction with the zeitgeist of the community.


  • The top three nominees in terms of votes received will be granted the status of Kapital Council member.

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