KIP-3: Splinterlands Asset Acquisition Proposal

Splinterlands ( is one of the Kapital DAO’s earliest major game partners. The Kapital DAO is currently working with the Splinterlands team to fully enable institutional asset management across their entire ecosystem. This will improve the ease of deploying institutional-scale quantities of capital into the Splinterlands ecosystem for users, and will also increase the amount of volume flowing through the Kapital DAO’s guild management protocol.

To cement the Kapital DAO’s commitment to Splinterlands, and to explore future activities within their ecosystem, the DAO is considering an asset purchase with 50,000 USDC and 500,000 $KAP tokens (the $KAP is locked for 12 months and vesting over another 12 months). Due to the size of the transaction and the nature of the existing relationship, the DAO will negotiate additional high-value game assets that will allow faster access to higher scale activities within the Splinterlands ecosystem.

This proposal entails the allocation of 50,000 USDC and 500,000 locked $KAP tokens to acquire Splinterlands game assets. The assets acquired would then be deployed within the community and utilized simultaneously during the integration of Splinterlands into the Kapital DAO protocol. This also aligns our value and utility with Splinterlands, an early major game partner.

Splinterlands is one of the Kapital DAO’s earliest major game partners and a key integration for the Kapital DAO protocol. The Kapital DAO is currently in the process of integrating Splinterlands, which has a unique web3 organized gaming ecosystem.

Allocating funds to acquiring operational Splinterlands assets represents a promising opportunity to increase the DAO’s activities within the Splinterlands ecosystem, as well as align utility between the Kapital DAO and Splinterlands through the Kapital DAO’s ownership of game assets and Splinterlands’ ownership of $KAP tokens. Finally, this will enable large numbers of Splinterlands ecosystem scholarships to Kapital DAO community members, improving the DAO’s collective presence within competitive web3 gaming.

Voting YES on this proposal implies:
*You wish for the Kapital DAO to allocate capital to acquire Splinterlands assets.

Voting NO on this proposal implies:
*You wish for the Kapital DAO to pass on this strategic alignment opportunity.

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