KIP-2: Core Contributor Nomination for Era 1, Playground Labs

Playground Labs LLC ( has to-date been the major core contributor in developing the technology, content, and assets for the Kapital DAO. With the DAO’s blessing, it plans to continue developing technology for the Kapital DAO for the foreseeable future.

This proposal entails the formal nomination of Playground Labs as Kapital DAO’s core contributors for this era, and allocates funding from recently sourced capital to support continued core protocol development over the next two years. Funding acquired by the DAO’s negotiations with external parties at this stage will be sent to Playground Labs to contract Playground Labs to fund core development.

The Kapital DAO regularly must vote to elect core contributors during each Era, which is set to a default period of two years. After the end of those two years, a new vote will be held by the DAO to either a) continue disbursing treasury resources to the core contributors to fund further development or b) choose new core contributors. In this proposal, the DAO has outlined its intention to elect Playground Labs as the set of core contributors for this era.

Playground Labs has been instrumental in the research and development of the Kapital DAO’s guild management protocol. Today, the protocol is currently live and managing thousands of scholars. Contracting this team and allocating funds to continue their development of the software is advisable for the continued successful execution of the Kapital DAO’s objectives and continued differentiation among competitors.

Voting YES on this proposal implies:
*You wish for Playground Labs LLC to be nominated as the current era’s core contributor for the next two years.

Voting NO on this proposal implies:
*You wish for another group to take over as the new core contributing team.

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