KIP-1: Formation of the Kapital DAO


The Kapital DAO has created crucial guild scaling technology and collected a community of over 50,000+ members as well as deployed millions of dollars in AAA game investments, and is now prepared to decentralize, take on massive capital, and scale web3 gaming operations into hundreds of thousands of players.


This proposal entails the formal decentralization vote of the Kapital DAO.


The Kapital DAO will form into a formal decentralized autonomous organization and pass control over key decisions to its members. The first decision will be on whether to execute a capital raise by selling a portion of the total KAP token supply, which will enable the Kapital DAO to invest further into AAA web3 gaming. Given 1) the advanced state of our web3 gaming scaling technology and 2) the Kapital DAO’s close connections within web3 gaming and our existing portfolio of seed assets in AAA games launching in 2023, we are uniquely poised to capture upside momentum heading into 2023 and beyond.


The Kapital DAO is composed of two parts: 1) a guild management protocol and 2) a gaming guild. The former is a cash generating engine that drives value into the token ecosystem by monetizing on transaction fees and cuts of tokenizing guild DAO projects, and the second is a vehicle for deploying assets at scale across web3 gaming to capture a wide breadth of in-game operational yields. Together, they’re a formidable one-two punch of cash generation and value accretion.

This engine must be controlled effectively by a true DAO, where control rests solidly in the hands of the community. The Kapital DAO is controlled by tokenholders who vote to disburse tokens from a central treasury. These funds can be voted into buybacks, burn functions, staking emission top-ups, asset deployments, or Investment Review Council small multi-sig wallets for rapid private dealmaking, per the DAO’s mandate. You, as a member of this community, are responsible for these decisions to the extent that you are willing to participate. These actions are designed to drive value back to the Kapital DAO community, and solidify our position as a truly decentralized autonomous organization.

Token contracts have been audited three times (two external auditing groups including a top-tier name, as well as one permanent internal auditing group).

Voting YES on this proposal implies:

*You wish for the Kapital DAO to launch a token and become decentralized

Voting NO on this proposal implies:

*You wish for the engineers of the protocol to not release a token and not become decentralized

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